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Billerica Youth Lacrosse’s Apparel Store is now open!


An email about uniform fittings will be going out around December, and while every player is required to purchase a uniform, the items in this Apparel Store are optional…but really cool.

For example, the team hoodie and sweatpant will be perfect for those early season games and practices that are played in the cold, and the players can proudly represent their team while at school.

  • You can customize all of the apparel with your player’s uniform number and some can have their names added.

    • If you have questions about your player’s uniform #, please contact me directly.

    • If family members want to buy gear to wear at the games without their player’s number, they can.

Any order placed between now and November 1, 2019 will be delivered in time for the holidays! We will open another apparel store starting in January, but we wanted to get you something for the holiday season.

Please keep in mind that while all of the apparel is true to size, they have an athletic fit. If your player prefers a roomier feel, please consider going up a size, especially with the sweatpants. Plus they will last for more than just this season.

If you have any questions or concerns about the products, please contact Downstream directly at:

  • Call 631-274-8800

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